Network Design For Architects

We understand the implications involved in designing efficient, effective and secure network designs. Our veteran Engineers guide and consult Network Architects every step of the way. As part of our service, all our IT Room construction designs include a complete set of coordinated and engineered technology drawings in AutoCAD.

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Prepare for Today's
Ever Changing Technology

In an age of rapidly evolving technology platforms and standards, it is increasingly challenging to align and integrate IT systems in a way that makes them adaptable, predictable and easier to maintain. We can help!

Improved Stability and Performance

ICC plans and implements architectures that incorporates existing software and systems. Our approach streamlines processes, reduces costs and allows for maximum stability and performance. 

Since our founding in 1987

Trusted Advisors

We have served thousands of NYC businesses.

30,000 Phones and Counting

Installed and supported over 30,000 phones.

Wires to the Moon and Back

Ran 500,000 miles of wire—enough to circle the globe twenty times or to make a trip to the moon and back. No job is too big or small.


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