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Top 5 Benefits of VOIP Phone Systems

July 01, 2019

The benefit of startup businesses is that everything can be built from scratch, making all processes completely customizable for your business.

The drawback of startup businesses is that everything must be built from scratch.

From office furniture and equipment to the artwork hanging on the walls, a startup business has complete freedom to choose everything in the office, including the type of phone systems. When choosing the on premise phone system for a new office, there is an opportunity to look at innovative telephone and data solutions. While not exactly a new technology, voice over Internet protocol (or VOIP) is much more competitive than it was in the past due to advances in Internet speeds and higher levels of accessibility.

In the past, VOIP sometimes suffered from poor sound quality due to slow Internet speeds. With high speed Internet available in almost every city in the United States, VOIP can often match the sound quality of traditional telephones. Here are five benefits of using a VOIP phone system when choosing from among the many innovative telephone and data solutions available for a new office:


Briefly stated, a VOIP phone system uses a high-speed Internet connection to send voice signals rather than the traditional landline telephone system, also known as the publicly switched telephone network (or PSTN). The VOIP phone system converts audio signals into data packets and sends them over the Internet to the other party the same way a personal computer converts an email into data packets before sending them. VOIP is usually cheaper than a traditional phone system using the PSTN is because less infrastructure is required. For example, one analysis found that using hosted VOIP could save a new business up to 90% of its initial telephone startup costs. Moreover, VOIP is less expensive on a per call basis since VOIP does not cost extra for long distance calls.

Video Conferencing

Not too long ago, video calling was the stuff of cartoons and science fiction. These days, video conferencing is almost an essential business tool. Companies that offer innovative telephone and data solutions usually include video conferencing in the software application. This means you can run a VOIP phone system on smartphones, personal computers, and even tablets. Since video conferencing is, in some sense, a two-way live stream, VOIP over a high-speed Internet connection is much better suited for video conferencing than the traditional PSTN.


People who work on the road or at home can always be connected to their business phone system when that business has a VOIP phone system. Specifically, so long as a data connection is available, VOIP calls can be made or received using a smartphone app, tablet, personal computer, or even a VOIP phone plugged into an Ethernet port. Moreover, VOIP offers Internet-based voicemail which can be accessed remotely using any Internet enabled device.

Flexible Layout

Because a phone jack is not required for a VOIP system, a new business can lay out its office in any way it desires. Where we were once limited to wires and cables, VOIP devices can connect to Ethernet ports or use WiFi to connect to the Internet. This allows phones to be located anywhere in an office rather than being tied to a specific location near a phone jack.


Because VOIP is not tied to phone jacks and a phone board, a VOIP system is simple to scale up as the new business grows. Whereas expanding a phone system in the era of the PSTN required wiring and punching down phone numbers to phone jacks, adding a phone to a VOIP system simply requires connecting the phone (or PC or tablet) to the Internet. Moreover, since VOIP is Internet-based, adding phone numbers can be done by simply contacting the VOIP host to add a phone number to the VOIP system, rather than waiting for a visit from the phone company to activate and physically connect the line carrying the new phone number.

VOIP phone service is among the innovative telephone and data solutions for new businesses. It is less expensive to install and operate, scalable, flexible, and portable, and easily facilitates video conferencing. For more information, contact Innovative Communication Concepts today.